About Us

UNILAB is  a microbiological and physico-chemical analysis laboratory designed for agricultural and food products, water and chemical desinfectants and antiseptics.

UNILAB has the authorizations needed to issue test reports which prove your care for hygiene and quality to clients and authorities. The specialized personnel is dedicated to strictly following the legal procedures and to developing good relations with its partners.

The laboratory is special aimed and designed to be in compliance with the highest level of quality demanded by the European standards. The modern equipment and qualified personnel represents the guarantee to high-precision and

prompt results.

Services offered by our laboratory are characterized by promptness, seriousness and client respect.

We also guarantee confidentiality and accuracy of the results.

The advantages of using our services:


Accuracy results:

each sample is examined twice, according to the law enforcement;


the clients has the sole ownership of the test reports;


the final result of analyzes is provided in maximum 7 days;


the receiving samples schedule could be adapted to the clients’ needs.

UNILAB offers to its clients a complete range of microbiological analysis needed to verify the quality of their products and responds quickly to their needs.